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Hi all,

We have had a request from a Mr Ray Hutchinson, 8 Petroleum Platoon SVN 1969/70 who has recently purchased a Silver Plated Punch Bowl which is inscribed with 4 Fld Regt SGT's Mess on the base of the bowl and the Ladle.   The bowl has suffered the ravages of time or SGT Mess games with the odd dent or two and some rather intesive cleaning.   the silver plate has been rubbed on one inside.

He advises that all is not lost though as he has found a company who can restore the item to its original glory - it will look like new again.

Ray is now trying to trace the history as he is sure it has a story or two to tell.   The manufacturers name suggest this item was purchased in Vietnam era and may have even ventured across the waters on the 'Vung Tau Ferry'with the regiments equipment when deployed.  Someone should know where or when purched by the mess.

Ray has asked if any of our members know anything about this Punch Bowl which would have held pride of place at official dinners.   It would be interesting to find out how it ended up in teh wild rather than at the RAA Museum, although many do overlook such options reverting to the traditional weaponary rather than how the Servicemen survived those down times when the guns aren't firing.

Anyone with information relating to the Silver Plated Punch Bowl should contact Ray direct via email - Click Here

To view the various images of the Silver Plated Punch Bowl:

Image 1 - Click Here
Image 2 - Click Here
Image 3 - Click Here
Image 4 - Click Here


Graham Hampton
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