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In April 1968, 4 Fd Regt fired it's last round in Vietnam, and that was followed by 12 Fd Regt firing it's first round in country.  I was present during that ceremony, and shortly after the fire mission, I "snaffled" one of the solid brass cartridge cases from that mission.  I believe that it may be either 4 Fd's last round or 12 Fd's first round, but I have no way of knowing.  The following information is stamped on the cartridge case, and would appreciate if anyone out there might shed some light on it.

LS-501-9   105 mm M14  Type 1
1945 Lot No EM-5-262
Around the firing cap is stamped:  -67LS137-345M28B212-

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I just saw your enquiry about the 105mm cartridge case you "snaffled" in Vietnam.
It has been a while since your question but I hope you might still need some info on the shell case.
     Your case is a US Army case dated 1945. I am unsure of the exact manufacturer but it definitely is a US case, fitted with a later dated primer.
     I suppose when Australia took possession of US 105mm M2A2 Howitzers a quantity of ammunition came with the guns. The other howitzer Australia used in Vietnam was the Italian designed L5 which was deemed too fragile for service there after a few months.
    Australia was making their own howitzer ammo in the 1960's, I have a case dated 1965 made in Footscray in Vic, but I suppose they wanted to use up all the old US supplied ammo first.
   So, unable to determine which exact Regiment fired your case, except if perhaps one of them fired the L5 and the other the M2A2, in which case I would suggest the Regiment firing the M2A2 fired your case. Tenuous line of thought I know, but reasonable.
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