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In 1960-1968 I served in Malaya with the British Army. And was stationed in Terendak Camp (Fort George) Malacca.


In Terendak at that time ( 1968) there was a Regiment of Australian Artillery. (sorry I do not know the exact name of the regiment).


In this regiment was a Gunner Lambert. (sorry I do not know his first name). But around this time he married a Chinese Girl Named Molly (Mollie???). Her name today would be Molly Lambert. I think during or around 1968 they returned to Australia.


During Molly's young life she was brought up with and lived with my wife's family. (who is also Chinese). In Malacca Town - Bukit Bahru. My wife's name is: Mary Tam. And we marrried in 1962 and returned to UK. We then returned to Malaysia in 1964 and stayed until 1968.


My wife and her family, would dearly like to make contact with Molly and her family. Therefore, I should be most grateful if you are able to help in any way.


It is believed that there were not many Lambert's in Malaya at this time and about only two ever served in the Artillery.


If anyone is able to put me in contact with them it would be greatfully appreciated.  I may be contacted via email by Clicking Here


My Wife's Name: Mary Tam Steers.

My Name: Mr Reginald Steers.

Graham Hampton
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