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Hi everyone,

I have recieved the following request:

"Graham some fellow Gunners and myself are trying to locate Mr Tony Chappel an Ex WO2 in the RAA.  He enlisted in 1972 and discharged in



Tony served with:

131 Div Loc Bty

1 RTB (twice)

1 Field Regiment

Cadet Unit in Melbourne

DSU Darwin


Tony was last heard of after discharge living in Wagga but attempts to locate him there were fruitless.


We are asking for your help in this matter buy putting out the feelers using the Arty Assn web site.  If anyone knows of Tony's whereabouts they can contact me direct on 0416107100 or (02) 43926264 or at 29 Highland Crescent Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259.


If preferable and with your concurrence you could act as the go between.


Alternatively and for privacies sake people can pass on my contact details direct to Tony and he can contact me himself if he wishes.


Graham I hope I've explained this request sufficiently and also hope you dont mind helping.  If you need any further detail give me a bell."


Anyone with information on how to contact Tony are asked to contact me by phoning 0411 141 580 or email



Graham Hampton
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