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Hi, my name is Colin Campbell,

I am getting information together about the M108 Self Propelled guns (designated 6 troop) which served in A Sqn 3 Cav Regt in Vietnam in 1967 – 68 in order to write a short history.   I think it is a unique story.  The troop members were from a variety of units including 4 Fd Regt.  As far as I’ve been able to determine so far it is the only Troop in RAAC made up of Armour, Arty and Inf.  Seems a shame if the details are not recorded somewhere.  It is also believed to be the only Troop / Battery of SP Guns that Australia has ever fielded on active service.  Seems a shame if the details are not recorded somewhere.

Some of the gunner’s names were Tony Benham, Robert Brady, Ron Fulford, John hanrahan, Brian Keevers and Brett Spencer.

I would appreciate it if you would publish a request for any information your association members may have which would help to describe the troop.

My contact details are:

Colin Campbell


Mobile  0408 442 186

Graham Hampton
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