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Hi all,

Below is a request trying to identify anyone who was in a particular place at a particular time in 1973 by one of those that use to look after us, Alistair Reid Royal Australian Army Medical Corps:

"I was in Singapore and part of ANZUK.

I was a medic with the Australian Army and was in Field Medical Support Section, Kangaw Barracks.

Just wondering if you have any memory or can remember any one who may have been on an exercise with the 105's in 1973.

On the convoy to the exercise area I was in the Ambulance and the vehicle behind me the last vehicle broke down.  I had not realised the lights had taken that moment to decide not to work.

I had slowed down expecting the convoy to stop which they didn't and I had to really hurry to catch up and get them to stop.

We then waited some time on the side of the road for the last vehicle to catch up at the time the convoy commander was deciding weather or not to send back another vehicle when the truck that was at the rear caught up to us.

On our arrival at the camp area for the exercise the Brigadier who was there spoke with our Doctor re the tr4ip up and we said about our lights not working and he detailed me to go and roust out the mechanics, who were at mess, to have it fixed immediately on the off chance the ambulance was needed that night.

This of course upset said mechanics with the normal don't shoot the messenger not my fault blame the Brigadier.

I remember going out to collect a gunner from I believe it was Alpha gun firing the first round and the spaces I believe hadn't been dug in and the gun recoiled into his face smashing his teeth and cheek.   I remained on site for the rest of that shoot and have photos of the gun in action.

I have a claim in with DVA for something that happened as I was rushing to catch up to the convoy to let them know of the last vehicle break down.   My RSL advocate who is an ex WO1 has asked me to get onto the contact pages to see if we can find anyone who can remember anything at all.

I have my hearing review on the 31st of this month, October.

If you can remember anything or know of anyone I should speak with I am happy to do any phone calls and pay for any faxes, emails or letters to get a statement.


Alistair Reid"

Anyone able to assist Alistair should contact him direct via email at: 


Graham Hampton
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