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My name is Jens Ward (from Manly) and I am researching an article for a Sydney newspaper. In  early August, 1978, four gunners from the School of Artillery at North Head discovered headless human remains in a nearby cave overlooking the entrance to Sydney Harbour...the body had been there for some time and the popular theory at the time was that the remains were those of a civilian spy sent by the Japanese during WWII to reconnoitre shipping traffic on the harbour. There is another theory that the remains were that of a Japanese main force soldier, and not a civilian. I've since dug up the names of the four gunners John Miles, Ricky Edwards, Tony Parsons and Brian Lehmann who discovered the remains.  I would like to talk to these soldiers, as well as the Chief Instructor of the school at the time, George Salmon and LT Foster who reported the matter to police, as well as anyone else who can recall the incident.


Anyone with information on this incident or if anyone is able to put me in contact with any of the above named Gunners please contact me on either (02) 99770608 or via email


Thanks in anticipation.

Graham Hampton
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